Whats the difference between Face Painting Brands?

Whats the difference between Face Painting Brands?

What is the difference in brands?

Here at Fab Art we stock two main brands of Face Paint Global Colours Body Art and TAG Body Art.   Why don’t we stock the rest?  We think too much choice makes it confusing for beginners and we are here to make face painting easy!

Also since we live down the bottom of the planet and we care about the ecology – so we use the reduced miles face paint brands.  If you want your face painting products shipped from China to Europe and back down to New Zealand then knock yourself out!  Our face paints come direct from Asia via Australia and we are proud to be taking steps to reduce our carbon footprints!

There are four main factories globally making face paint:

  • Global is made exclusively by one supplier in China
  • TAG and all other paraffin based paints come from the same factory in Taiwan
  • Snazaroo and Ruby Red made exclusively at an unknown location
  • And Superstar/Fab is made in the Netherlands by Mark Oostenberg and his team

Global and TAG give you excellent choice when choosing face paint as they represent half of the producers worldwide, and they are completely different in their formulations:

So first: Lets looks at the formulations:  Global is on the left and TAG on the right

The first ingredient listed is always the main ingredient Lets break them down here. Both are listed as having a best by date 18 months after opening.

Global Colours Body Art

TAG Body Art

1.        Water

1.        Paraffin Wax

2.        Calcium Carbonate

2.        Petrolatum

3.        Acacia Senegal Gum

3.        Glycerin

4.        Gycerin

4.        Calcium Carbonate


5.        Stearyl Alcohol


6.        Sodium Benzoate


7.        Acacia Senegal Gum


8.        Dextrin


9.        Water

All the rest of the ingredients are colours used in all face paint including iron oxide and titanium oxide and mica powders which are all natural  


What Fab Art can tell you…..

Global is a vegan paint and performs really well for beginners it can cope with lots of water and is vibrant on the skin when applying both brush and sponge.  Neons are vibrant bright and bold.  Pearls are lovely and creamy and there are so many great colour options for line work.

TAG can be a bit hit a miss. The royal blue can be patchy and neons don’t like water and go sloppy after a while. The paraffin can cause them to melt in the heat and they can be difficult to bring back from too much water use.  Although it can be hard to beat a TAG pearl for bases and sponging, some Tag pearls do not perform well on a brush, and the neon magenta always looks fabulous on.

Global seems to wash off better than TAG without staining, although it can feel coarser once on the skin.   I have experienced a couple of reactions to TAG paint (but NOTHING like what I’ve seen done by cheaper discount store paints). Both brands are hypo-allergenic, non toxic and safe for use on skin.

Global does add on their packaging “All cosmetics on the rare occasion cause allergic reactions. The products should not be applied to sensitive to broken skin. Test by placing a small amount to wrist, if reaction occurs within 30 minutes do not use

TAG adds Manufactured with skin safe ingredients. Discontinue if rash develops. Avoid contact with fabrics. Remove with Soap and Water. Some trace of colour may remain after washing. Makeup contained in this package is hypoallergenic & non toxic

In the end it is consumer choice and what you prefer.  For beginners we do like to recommend Global if you tend to use a lot of water or wish to be using fun strokes. But also TAG has great selection of 50g Split Cakes – which means you can get a lot off assorted colours in a palette set for a very good price - even us professionals have trouble choosing!!

Happy Painting!

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