Face Painting Starter Kit for under $100

Face Painting Starter Kit for under $100

Starter Kit under $100

So you are ready to start face painting – now what?  Starting face painting can be a little bit of a minefield, its hard to know., where to start and harder to know when to stop.

Here is the basics of what you will need in a kit to get started.

We can’t tell you how much you need of each. More is better as it gives you options like having a brush for just black paint, and a brush for just white paint, as it saves on washing your colours away all the time.

A flat or filbert number 6 makes a great brush for doing teeth, but then so does wiggling a number 6 round on the face.

Our advice is to start with the basics and then add to from there.   If you brought one of each recommended below then you can practice the techniques for

  • Classic blending
  • rainbow cakes technique
  • one stroke or fun stroke

Here’s a basic starter kit list:

  • Brushes:
  • Sponges:
  • Basic Colours
  • One Strokes
  • Rainbow Cakes
  • Atomiser
  • Glitter:

Total Kit Price: $99.20

Starter Kit 1: Under $100

The list:

  1. Brushes – get a minimum of two different rounds
  • TAG Round #4 $6.50
  • TAG Round #6 $7.50
  • Global Flat ¾ inch $10
      2. Global Starter Standard Palette  $37
  1. Global One Stroke/Fun Stroke 30g – use the global ¾ brush with this  $14.00

      4.  Rainbow Cakes/Base Blenders $19

  1. Atomiser $3
  2. Sponges from $2.20 for two half rounds
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