Introduction to Fab Art - Making Face Painting Easy for Everyone

Introduction to Fab Art - Making Face Painting Easy for Everyone

Face Painting is loved by kids of all ages everywhere. It makes every event that little bit magical and our experience tells us you are never to old to enjoy some art and sparkles on your face.  We have almost 10 years experience with face painting and professional face painting products and are always happy to share our knowledge for your next event success.

There is more to face painting than one might think. Like why can a professional face painter earn $100 per hour where as school fundraisers seem to have more artists and make more like $30 per hour.   We know the tricks and secrets, a lot of which are in the paint and techniques you use. And we are happy to share them with you and your team!   We can provide adhoc product knowledge over the phone, come to you and conduct workshops as part of a  fundraiser or fun night, and we send all our products out as fast as possible via courier.

Here at Fab Art we are all too happy to provide you with the ability to do your own face painting, glitter tattoos, profitably and will ensure we provide you with the knowledge, information and right products within your budget to do this.  

If you prefer to leave face painting to the professionals - then we can arrange a professional face paint to be at your next part or event. 

We also provide events solutions including marquee, table hire and site crew.

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